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Friday, September 3, 2010


the P Square Duo finally complete their N100m mansion!!!

P-Square Complete N100 Million Mansion!

 The P-Square Mansion is finally ready...

Fresh off  an extended tour of the United States, the Okoye brothers recently took delivery of some brand new wheels courtesy of Coscharis Motors. As the family moved into their newly completed Omole mansion, all four brand new auto mobiles moved in with them, relegating their previous fleet (which included Hummer jeeps ) to the background. So the equation is finally complete; brand new home, brand new cars, it’s a brand new P. Square! According to their spokesperson, the Kora Award winners have just taken delivery of two Range Rover Sports, one X6 BMW and a Jaguar, all 2010 models which set them back a cool N50 million. This calculation is apparently without their eye-popping N100 million home located at Lola Holloway Street, Omole Estate Phase 1 where they’ve finally moved to after months of living in a hotel. The Okoye’s accommodation problem unravelled in the most public when the twins  were evicted from their rented duplex in the same estate; the owner of the duplex alleged that the Okoyes messed his house up. Thankfully, all that’s in the past now, Paul and Peter Okoye were reportedly attacked with love and accolades in the United States by their Nigerian and American fans, while on their 45-day musical tour which ended July 24.
I don’t actually know how to explain how successful the tour was because aside the fact that all the shows were sold-out, the passion shown by the fans, particularly the white ones, was incredible. I never knew the Americans love us that much. Surprisingly, they know the lyrics of our songs and were singing along’Peter enthused.
Work In Progress: While the Mansion was under construction

Psquare Moves Out Of Controversial Omole Home

To Let
Peter and Paul Okoye have finally vacated their controversial eight-room Omole Duplex for an unknown hotel in Lagos following a protracted disagreement with their former land lord, Charles Nwangwa. Sources at their former home in Omole-Lagos say the house, which is now going through heavy renovation, has been contracted to Mark Imperial Development Company Ltd for rent. Psquare moved into the Omole property in 2007, telling reporters they owned the house, but were yet to finish paying up. But their landlord showed up two years later, debunking reports he sold the house to them, and alleging, amongst many other things, that they abused his property and harrassed him. All through 2009, the landlord was a thorn in the brothers’ flesh; calling press conferences and showing up- embarassingly- at their home. He eventually issued them a quit notice. It wasn’t long before Psquare acquired a property within the same neighbourhood, with plans to erect their own house without delay. The Okoye brothers are expected to move into their new home in a matter of weeks. We took time out to see work in progress on their new property, a 12 room duplex (on 177B Lola Hollow Street, Block VI, Omole Residential Scheme 1, Lagos). A worker at the site told NET that painting has started inside the building. The whole project was contracted to Volia Nigeria Ltd,  (an engineering and construction company) shortly after they acquired the land early last year. Sources in the know told NET the property (with approved plan number DIM/3247/98) was allegedly gotten through the state ministry of Lands and survey shortly after the faceoff between the popstars and Nwangwa. QUICK FACTS ON PSQUARE’S NEW HOME
  • The house sits on two plots of land.
  • Located at: 177B Lola Hollow Street, Block VI Omole Residential Scheme 1, Lagos.
  • Main contractor is Volia Nigeria Ltd Engineering construction.
  • Architect: Jayson Konsult
  • Approved plan number DIM/3247/98
  • 12 room  duplex
  • The house is divided into two with six rooms each. And two separate underground studio for each duplex.
  • The house is expected to be completed and commissioned later this year.
  • The house was allegedly sold to them through Lagos state ministry of Lands and survey.
Their former house undergoing renovation
Work's in progress at Psquare's new home
The duo and the enitre P Square crew have been terribly blessed by God simply because they've come to acknowledged the the without him, they are nothing.

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