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Friday, March 27, 2009

PARIS: The Wonderland...

yep! nice view right?. that's what i said when i saw it too. this is paris. every dream girl's honeymoon site.

i'd really love to take my girl friend there sometimes.

(a word of advice: if you're a guy viewing this, get you girl out there now! if you are a girl viewing this, hold you guy till he's ready to take you out there. when i say hold, i mean persuade him, bat your eye lids for him, use body launguage and so on, you know girl stuffs. (wink, wink till he could wink no more).

sports like no other!

Sport is one of the rapidly growing sub-sectors of domestic and international tourism in Nigeria. Active and leisure sports such as soccer, athletics, boxing, wrestling, lawn and table tennis, polo and golf are popular. Opportunities for investment exist in the following areas:* Establishment and management of sport facilities, clubs and shops;* Oganization and promotion of sporting events including sponsorship;* Establishment and management of relevant recreational/theme parks, clubs, theatre halls, transport and catering facilities.

Sukur Kingdom (nigeria adamawa)

1. It can be said that Sukur Kingdom first appeared on world record during the pre-colonial epochs - when Dr. Heinrich Berth, (1817) made mention of the mountainous settlement in his historical collections. Today, Sukur is located in Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa state and the height of the settlr2ment has been estimated to be 3000ft above sea level. The pathway leading to the Plateau is paved with stone slabs which meander from the foot of the mountain to its top where the settlements are clustered within the proximity of each other.

2. The settlement whose antiquity dates back to the Stone Age and is one of the oldest in this part of the country. However, its evolution as political Kingdom is said to have spanned from 17th century A.D. to date. Sukur Kingdom is also said to have sustained its sovereignty because of several factors.
Firstly, it has a natural defense system; secondly, the community was able to consolidate its knowledge of meteorology which accordingly made it to be one of the most powerful settlements around the Mandara chain. It was no wonder therefore that the Kingdom was able to establish diplomatic relations with its neighbourings

to know more about nigeria-adamawa and their culture, follow this link: http://www.nigeriantourism.com/adamawa-sukur.htm

City Wall and Moat, Benin City

These are the most impressive city walls and moats in southern Nigeria . At their highest point, the walls were nine metros high and the moat (ditch) nine metros deep, making a total incline of 18 metros. Unfortunately in the past few years, the walls and moats has been the victim of extensive soil excavation used as a source of building materials


yep! they are dolphins as in D-O-L-P-H-I-N-S. you should try sight-seeing, it's great


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

welcome or Get Out?!

hell! a whole new day is here let's see what's cooking

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